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06 Nov 2018 Humbled and Ready for next 4 years
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I am truly humbled to be re-elected for my 4th term on Steinbach City council.  It has been an interesting journey the last 12 working for Chris Goertzen as our Mayor.  Now with three new members of council and a new mayor it will again be a time of learning to work with a new team and new leader.

It is interesting how the City of Steinbach has changed the last 12 years.  Our budget has grown from $10 million to $25 million.  The population grew from 11,000  to 16,500 and we added 6 more signalised intersections.   Our households in Steinbach grew from 4235 to 6557 in the same time.  What all this means is that to get re-elected it is more work to get to many of the doors to tell our story.

Thank you to Rhonda & Ron Friesen, Matt Wieler, Ben Wieler my grandson Brody and Ian Penner; to Print Studio One for the printing support and each of you for the ongoing support and  helping out in many different ways on the campaign trail.   

Again, thank you from my wife Audrey & myself; now the work really starts.  Let me know if you  have any questions or comments.

03 Oct 2018 Sunday Shopping is it an issue or isn’t it?
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When David Banman appeared before council to bring up the Sunday Shopping in August he asked City Council to put it as a question on the October 24th ballet.  I put the motion forward to make put the Sunday shopping question on the Oct 24th election ballet I saw it as an opportunity to hear from the public at no additional cost to the city.  In the past City Council has addressed the Sunday shopping question by seeking feedback from the Steinbach Chamber.  The question on the ballet would have been a way to hear from the general public on the issue. 

My door to door campaign has had a varied response to the question of Sunday shopping.  I would estimate that 20% are very opposed and 20% in favor and the rest don’t have a strong opinion either way.   For myself today I would vote no to Sunday shopping for the simple reason that I like Sundays as being different type of day and makes us different from other communities.  Additionally, I don’t have a clear understanding of how much it would change Steinbach, for the positive or negative. 

In my opinion a much larger issue that will face our retail stores in Steinbach and every other community in the near future and likely already is online shopping and that happens any time.  Just surveying my friends and family i know that a lot of online shopping happens already.  With almost free delivery and cheaper pricing with a wider availability of options and products it only stands to reason that it will continue to grow affecting the retail stores.  

18 Sep 2018 What campaigning looks like
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I do get the question every once in awhile asking how hard is it to campaign.  I used Strava app to map out a recent Saturday.  I was at 159 doors, walked 4.7 km in 2 hours and 49 min.  I try to average 30 secs per door.  The round it was just over 1 minute per door.  Considering that we have roughly 3500 doors in Steinbach I got a long way to go even at 30 sec per door it would take roughly 30 hours to cover everyone in Steinbach.

I have enjoyed the discussions and the passion people have for Steinbach.  I plan on being out 2 hours per night during the week and 4 hours on Saturday.  Hopefully i get to see you at  your door.    

05 Sep 2018 Supporting the Culture & Arts in Steinbach
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At the September 4th council meeting council approved a $65,000 matching grant to Steinbach Arts Council.  The Arts Council received a $65,000 grant from Federated Co-op which was awarded to the Arts Council through a application process.  Steinbach Arts Council was successful because of the commitment shown through the plan presented.

The building the Arts Council rents from the City of Steinbach has long needed repairs and this will help in creating a more positive learning environment for the roughly 1,000 people who go through the centre each week.  The building itself is an old structure built in 1936 as Steinbach’s first high school.  It has since become many things a junior high school, the site of the first Library for Steinbach, meeting place for community groups like AAA, 55 plus centre and the Arts Centre for roughly the last 15 years.

I fully support this as it covered the basic requirements of our granting policy.  The grant is supported in the request by private dollars as well as the grant from Federated Co-op.  The Arts Council in Steinbach has always been very active in fundraising for there needs and again demonstrates why we continue to have one of the best Arts & Culture programs in Manitoba. 

31 Aug 2018 connecting our micro-communities
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Steinbach has many communities within its borders.  They are not identified in anyway but are small mico-communities.  We live on Appleton Place and our cul-de-sac is a community unto itself just like many other areas.  We get to know our neighbours, help out where we can and figure out how to live in harmony with each other.  In years past we used to have yearly barbecues in the middle of our cul-de-sac as we would get to know each other and who we where.  Interesting stories were told and it was another reason to wave or connect with each other.  

It is connecting  these miro-communities within Steinbach through bike and walking paths has been a focus that i have brought to council the last 12 years.  One of my favourite pathways is the one we built behind the soccer park in the property known as Bushfarm.  That land was purchased through the JJ Reimer estate, was divided into commercial frontage along highway 52 and green space for the soccer park along with one of the few original bush areas left in Steinbach.   The Southland church purchased the highway frontage piece leaving the green space area.  The monies from the sale of that property was then put towards the pathway and it connects the regional pathway that connects Ellice Ave, LA Barkman park and south to the Meadows.  

These pathways along with others in Steinbach connect communities and provide residents with opportunity to become more pedestrian by walking or cycling to other areas of Steinbach to shop, visit, exercise, attend church or what ever reason.  It provides our community a zero cost activity that is wholesome, safe and family orientated. 

It is for that reason that i have and will continue to advocate for a connecting pathway to Clearspring Greens on the north-east side end of Steinbach.  It is an area that is land locked by the golf course and private properties on the south side.  It is a project that has been looked at in the past by council but has always been set aside due to high cost of construction, negotiating with the golf course or private land owners.   I think it can be done by thinking outside the box and building consensus with all parties.  For me it is a matter of priorities and it is essential to providing Clearspring Greens with the same opportunities as the rest of Steinbach micro-communities to connect in a safe manner that is not part of a roadway.