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15 Aug 2018 my vision statement the last 12 years
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My last 12 years on Steinbach council i have had the following statement.
We all have a vision for our community, and working together, I am confident we can make Steinbach a safe place to raise a family, live, ride a bike, work & worship.
It is still something that i review regularly and will continue to strive for.

10 Aug 2018 Brett and the Grandkids Brody, Madison & Payton
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10 Aug 2018 Council run one more time in 2018
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So 2018 has arrived and I have been on council for the past 12 years. The time has flown and we have dealt with many issues as a council. I was reminded recently that I have not kept up with my posts on this account nor the pictures.
I will be updating more now as the election approaches as i am planning to announce shortly to seek fourth term on council as well as posting other election material.
Talk soon.

29 Nov 2011 Just where does that time go?
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So just where does time go?
It seems like just a couple of days ago that spring was here and yet so much has happened during our warmer months.   Remember spring?  It was cold and wet until mid-May when the warm really hit and it stayed that way right through  until now.  But life goes on whether it is at home, council or work life.

Home:  life is good, we are finally settling down to having no children in the home.  We can run around with or without clothes on  and have much more freedom in what we do on short notice as we make plans.

Family:  Britta is finishing up her schooling as a Stylist in Calgary. We attended her grad in October and now she just needs to finish up her apprenticeship  by January.  Her Aaron is doing well taking care of her as needed.   Brett is working the night shift at The Carillon on the printing press.  Natalie,  Brody and Madison are letting him sleep most days and spend weekends together.

Audrey:  What a grandmother she has turned out to be!  She mothers each of them the only way she knows how.  We just get so many laughs when they are  preforming at our place.  Audrey’s dad passed away in October, tough but good family time spent working through all  the different feelings and things that need doing.

Work:  Loewen to South-East Pallet in September has been a good change.  Stress is still stress but it is different.  The focus has been on  learning the business including building pallets, piling lumber, bundling firewood, desk sales and many other tasks to learn.  In one word, “fun”.

Bike:  Managed to get in 4,000 km this summer, down in km’s from other years.  The hi-lite has to be the Headwaters ride in  Park Rapids, Minnesota in September.  The commitment is to start riding indoors a month earlier in preparation for next  riding season.  Since I purchased a Garmin 705 from Shorty it will make a number of the training sessions easier to get motivated  for.

Council:  We have just finished our first year together.  Like the new council in 2006 we had to learn how to get along together with our  community interests at heart.  This council is completely different in how they view Steinbach.  The average age on council went down substantially.  I went from second youngest to second oldest  in one day.  Being appointed deputy mayor has been an honor but requires more work on my part.  I feel that more is required of me in this
role and work at making sure I am prepared for each meeting.

But life is good, Audrey stands beside me and makes sure I behave and just takes care of me.  We’ll see if we can’t put more to this column shortly.

10 May 2011 Decisions Decisions
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The last update in January I commented about how this council is working well together. That comment still holds true!
Current new council members in Susan, Earl, John are new and ask many questions that helps us all learn. Cari, while new, has council experience from the past that helps us as well.
It has been a refreshing approach to items on council agenda as we mull over the issues, then someone, usually a new council members asks a question that needs more information and debate.
Opinions matter as they represent the different people that we are in contact with in our daily lives. Do our contacts represent our thoughts and priorities?  Absolutely, but do those priorities become the standard, no. Each council member has one vote and at times the passion for a particular topic comes through but one still loses when the votes are counted.
Todate it has been enjoyable, it will be interesting as we move to early budget discussions in July at our summer study session.