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01 Dec 2006 First Strategic Priorities Committee meeting
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We had our first SPC (Strategic Priorities Committee) meeting on Nov 30th. We had a great discussion around what our top priorities are in the next 4 years as a council. It started by providing us with all the promises we made during our campaigns to get elected. It was interesting to say the least. I attended the AMM conference (Association of Manitoba Municipalities) conference in Winnipeg Nov 27 & 28th. It was good to meet with other new councillors from around the province and start to understand just what all the issues are. It is a huge learning curve and much reading, then understanding what one is reading to make this work. I look forward to working with this group of councillors & mayor. We are a diverse group but as we build team I feel we will form a solid decision making body. Our council is intent on providing Long Term Planning and an Open and transparent operating process. Now where did I put that last reading package?
councillor-in-training, Jac