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08 Nov 2008 At 2 year mark of term
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After hearing the Mayor’s “state of the union” address at the Chamber of Commerce AGM I found it interesting how many things had been accomplished in the last year.  So stealing with pride, here are some of the comments from our Mayor, Chris Goertzen.

Housing starts

  • 2008 has been a banner year in housing starts, 416 new residents

Catching the attention of the Provincial Government

  • recieved an infrastructure grant for industrial park extension
  • supported the Regional Health Authority to secure a funding commitment for the ER expansion at Bethesda Hospital
  • transportation Minister allocated of $3 million to Clearspring road intersection
  • supported the Hanover School Division in we are getting a new middle school
  • we have become Manitoba’s 3rd city, behind Winnipeg and Brandon

Our infrastructure programs

  • street renewal program, like Loewen Blvd repaving
  • water pump house renewal, needed as it was over 50 years old
  • active transportation, thru plan for more cycling, walking pathways
  • a plan for replacement of older equipment
  • renovated firehall, now rated as one of the best in the province
  • water spray park at the pool complex

next couple of years

  • one of the most diversified economy’s in Manitoba
  • the most diversified city outside of Winnipeg
  • lowest millrate in Manitoba

next decade

  • adopted an official community plan (used to be called development plan)
  • conceptual secondary plans for the eastern, western and southern city quadrants
  • we have a goal to keep taxes stable and predictable

what is ahead for next year

  • library expansion plans
  • lagoon expansion plans
  • landfill expansion plans
  • plans to see the continuation of transportation programs

But we can not forget about our other needs like the recreation facilities that are part of our essential social infrastructure including; 

  • curling rink
  • TG Smith arena complex
  • large hosting facility for community events
  • performance center

The process is clear.  Mayor and council want to see our basic infrastructure taken care of by 2010, then with that foundation we will be a good position to tackle the essential elements of our community.

After these infrastructure programs are complete we will have the basic infrastructure to take us to a city of 20,000 people.  We will be ready for the growth that lies ahead.

As Mayor and council feel very confident about the state of our city.  We have plans in place for our basic infrastructure for the next few years.  We have dreams and ideas for the next 10 years.  Both the business community as well as your city council is striving for a city of excellence ans working together we can achieve it.

-Mayor Chris Goertzen