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12 Feb 2009 Looking at 2009
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The study session weekend was a good time for us as council to get together and share our vision for Steinbach. Each of us spoke with passion on different issues that effect each of us differently. The budget, while sounding huge, because of all the discussion of millions of dollars, when it is broken down we manage on a small portion of it.
Some good news is that it is the intent of council to leave the property tax rate as is this year again. I have been part of company downsizing because of the economic crisis in North America and believe that we will be affected here in 2009. But then Manitoba, especially Southeastern Manitoba, has not felt the bust and boom of other provinces.
We did manage to find dollars to increase our RCMP force by one starting in July. Hopefully they can recuit in a timely fashion so we can meet that promise. We don’t have much say in what they do but I would like to see the RCMP more visible in our community. Specificly this position should be a community resource person to help with the DARE program, COP and other education programs. Maybe even get the RCMP to get back to showing up at the SRSS and re-open the office they had located in the school.
We are adding a sidewalk on Maplewood from Loewen Blvd to Penfeld, then Penfeld to #12 hwy. As part of the plan other streets where added but I would like to relook the plan and remove some of the sidewalks like Penfeld to the drain, the Valerie Lane and the backlane sidewalks. Council will be reviewing that plan in the next month.
We did set our priorities for seeking funding on our 3 major projects. They are in order the Lagoon, Landfill and Library.
Well 2009 will be an exciting year and I look forward to working with council on all the issues.