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06 Jun 2009 Whistler in June
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This year I have been fortunate to attend the FCM conference in Whistler BC. FCM stand for Federation of Canadian Municipalities. This conference is attended by most of the major centers of Canada. Each day we hear from different party leaders and meet to discuss issues that effect us at the national level.
On Friday we heard Stockwell Day who represented our Prime Minister who was in France at the 65th D-Day events. An interesting speaker who shared what was happening in Ottawa and what we could do as an association that has been mandated to be an advocacy group to issues that effect our communities.
Part of the conference that I enjoy is the exposition where we meet the different businesses that provide our community with everything from lighting to garbage trucks to infacstructure programs. It is good get ideas regarding many different programs and products that might be useful to Steinbach.
Part of the conference is about networking with those around us. Speaking with and sharing concerns of same sized communities and how they have addressed issues.
What I have found is that most communities have the same issues, but what is different is the solution to those issues.
At some of our sessions I have heard amazing success stories of how communities turned negative situations into positive ones by putting uniquie solutions into place.
We have two days to go and the weather has been very warm (+30 C ) each but all meetings are in the air conditioned comfort.
More when I get home.