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30 Oct 2009 It’s Fall and it’s busy
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Fall is that time of year when we get busy with meeting of many kinds. Not only does council get busier with 2010 budget meetings, attending fundraisers and just the business of council. But all around us activity levels just pick up again after a summer of relaxed meeting times. Minor sports, group functions, lessons, for everyone all take on new life. All that means it is busier than ever and at times almost overloading ones week.
This year Audrey and myself have embarked on a new adventure. Ballroom dancing! Yep we joined the local 10 week instruction classes put on by the Steinbach Arts Council and taught by Lorna & Harry Warkentin. It has been interesting to say the least. There are few things in our lives that we do with our partners that requires the doing part to be exact. In dancing what one does the other does backwards and so the dance begins.
I did figure out why lessons only take place once per week as it is an oppourtuntiy for toes to heal, especially Audrey’s. But once we understood our limitations it has gotten much better than those first three lessons in frustration.
We have learnt the Swing, Foxtrot, Rumba and lately the English Waltz. I have enjoyed the last number of weeks as we are starting to work together while dancing and learnt how to laugh at and with each other.
It has been a great night out for us and look to join future classes.