26 Oct 2010 To all Candidates for Councilor in City of Steinbach
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A note of thanks to all candidates for putting your name forward to as councilor for City of Steinbach. Thank you for working through door to door and attending the various forms put on.
I think it would be fair to say we all learnt more about our city and the people who chose to live here. It has been great getting the feedback, positive or negative as our vision for Steinbach is challenged.  Through those challenges we can clarify our vision.

All the best to each of you on Election day, Oct 27.

Thanks Roy Enns for sharing this article.
Here is an article from AMM that I came across this morning as well as their web link – a worthy read if you have a moment.

A primary reason many candidates haven’t given up on negative campaign ads is that they often work,” says Kuzmeski. “Negative ads can be a very effective way to turn the electorate one way or the other. What I think candidates should consider is what kind of connector do you want to be? What do you want the foundation of your relationships with your constituents to be? Remember, it’s a small world, and burning a bridge today may hurt you in the future. I think you build stronger relationships both in business and politics when they come from a place of honesty and positivity. Make sure you always take the ethical high road. Don’t make decisions based on how they might negatively affect your business or political career. Do what’s right and you will have nothing to be ashamed of and much success down the road.”

Our campaign had many opportunities to promote ourselves through negative campaign ads.  The fact it didn’t happen speaks of the professionalism of the candidates and shows that they where all running for the right reasons.  I appriecated that candidates stuck to the issues and didn’t make them personal. It was good to have the different discussions and I learnt from each of you. Thanks

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