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18 Jan 2011 New Council Working Well Together
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It has been and interesting ride these last couple of months with the new council that has been elected.
With only Michael Zwaagstra and myself as incumbents it has been a big learning curve for the newly elected. Keeping in mind that Michael and myself have served one term each, and we both have much to learn, it is like starting over again from our first term when we had four new councillors as well.
What is clear is that each of the new councillors has a passion for Steinbach. That has been evident in the first study session and at council meetings. Everyone does there homework and comes prepared to debate the issues. Each councillor has connections in the community that are used as sounding boards in how to make a decision or feedback on how the public feels. Each of us needs to hear what we are being told, but we still need to be comfortable with our stand on different issues.
Like in my first term the biggest hurtle is the public and press are at every meeting. One needs to make sure your prepared to speak and in a way that is clear and concise, rambling on just upsets everyone and it looks like you don’t have a particular position on an issue.
I am motivated by the work completed so far, the giving of grants was a tough meeting to prepare for, and the library issue was discussed at length during the election and first month until resolved. I look forward to working with this council and all the learning we will do together.