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10 May 2011 Decisions Decisions
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The last update in January I commented about how this council is working well together. That comment still holds true!
Current new council members in Susan, Earl, John are new and ask many questions that helps us all learn. Cari, while new, has council experience from the past that helps us as well.
It has been a refreshing approach to items on council agenda as we mull over the issues, then someone, usually a new council members asks a question that needs more information and debate.
Opinions matter as they represent the different people that we are in contact with in our daily lives. Do our contacts represent our thoughts and priorities?  Absolutely, but do those priorities become the standard, no. Each council member has one vote and at times the passion for a particular topic comes through but one still loses when the votes are counted.
Todate it has been enjoyable, it will be interesting as we move to early budget discussions in July at our summer study session.