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15 Aug 2018 my vision statement the last 12 years
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My last 12 years on Steinbach council i have had the following statement.
We all have a vision for our community, and working together, I am confident we can make Steinbach a safe place to raise a family, live, ride a bike, work & worship.
It is still something that i review regularly and will continue to strive for.

10 Aug 2018 Brett and the Grandkids Brody, Madison & Payton
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10 Aug 2018 Council run one more time in 2018
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So 2018 has arrived and I have been on council for the past 12 years. The time has flown and we have dealt with many issues as a council. I was reminded recently that I have not kept up with my posts on this account nor the pictures.
I will be updating more now as the election approaches as i am planning to announce shortly to seek fourth term on council as well as posting other election material.
Talk soon.