31 Aug 2018 connecting our micro-communities
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Steinbach has many communities within its borders.  They are not identified in anyway but are small mico-communities.  We live on Appleton Place and our cul-de-sac is a community unto itself just like many other areas.  We get to know our neighbours, help out where we can and figure out how to live in harmony with each other.  In years past we used to have yearly barbecues in the middle of our cul-de-sac as we would get to know each other and who we where.  Interesting stories were told and it was another reason to wave or connect with each other.  

It is connecting  these miro-communities within Steinbach through bike and walking paths has been a focus that i have brought to council the last 12 years.  One of my favourite pathways is the one we built behind the soccer park in the property known as Bushfarm.  That land was purchased through the JJ Reimer estate, was divided into commercial frontage along highway 52 and green space for the soccer park along with one of the few original bush areas left in Steinbach.   The Southland church purchased the highway frontage piece leaving the green space area.  The monies from the sale of that property was then put towards the pathway and it connects the regional pathway that connects Ellice Ave, LA Barkman park and south to the Meadows.  

These pathways along with others in Steinbach connect communities and provide residents with opportunity to become more pedestrian by walking or cycling to other areas of Steinbach to shop, visit, exercise, attend church or what ever reason.  It provides our community a zero cost activity that is wholesome, safe and family orientated. 

It is for that reason that i have and will continue to advocate for a connecting pathway to Clearspring Greens on the north-east side end of Steinbach.  It is an area that is land locked by the golf course and private properties on the south side.  It is a project that has been looked at in the past by council but has always been set aside due to high cost of construction, negotiating with the golf course or private land owners.   I think it can be done by thinking outside the box and building consensus with all parties.  For me it is a matter of priorities and it is essential to providing Clearspring Greens with the same opportunities as the rest of Steinbach micro-communities to connect in a safe manner that is not part of a roadway.

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