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18 Sep 2018 What campaigning looks like
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I do get the question every once in awhile asking how hard is it to campaign.  I used Strava app to map out a recent Saturday.  I was at 159 doors, walked 4.7 km in 2 hours and 49 min.  I try to average 30 secs per door.  The round it was just over 1 minute per door.  Considering that we have roughly 3500 doors in Steinbach I got a long way to go even at 30 sec per door it would take roughly 30 hours to cover everyone in Steinbach.

I have enjoyed the discussions and the passion people have for Steinbach.  I plan on being out 2 hours per night during the week and 4 hours on Saturday.  Hopefully i get to see you at  your door.    

05 Sep 2018 Supporting the Culture & Arts in Steinbach
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At the September 4th council meeting council approved a $65,000 matching grant to Steinbach Arts Council.  The Arts Council received a $65,000 grant from Federated Co-op which was awarded to the Arts Council through a application process.  Steinbach Arts Council was successful because of the commitment shown through the plan presented.

The building the Arts Council rents from the City of Steinbach has long needed repairs and this will help in creating a more positive learning environment for the roughly 1,000 people who go through the centre each week.  The building itself is an old structure built in 1936 as Steinbach’s first high school.  It has since become many things a junior high school, the site of the first Library for Steinbach, meeting place for community groups like AAA, 55 plus centre and the Arts Centre for roughly the last 15 years.

I fully support this as it covered the basic requirements of our granting policy.  The grant is supported in the request by private dollars as well as the grant from Federated Co-op.  The Arts Council in Steinbach has always been very active in fundraising for there needs and again demonstrates why we continue to have one of the best Arts & Culture programs in Manitoba.