18 Sep 2018 What campaigning looks like
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I do get the question every once in awhile asking how hard is it to campaign.  I used Strava app to map out a recent Saturday.  I was at 159 doors, walked 4.7 km in 2 hours and 49 min.  I try to average 30 secs per door.  The round it was just over 1 minute per door.  Considering that we have roughly 3500 doors in Steinbach I got a long way to go even at 30 sec per door it would take roughly 30 hours to cover everyone in Steinbach.

I have enjoyed the discussions and the passion people have for Steinbach.  I plan on being out 2 hours per night during the week and 4 hours on Saturday.  Hopefully i get to see you at  your door.    

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