03 Oct 2018 Sunday Shopping is it an issue or isn’t it?
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When David Banman appeared before council to bring up the Sunday Shopping in August he asked City Council to put it as a question on the October 24th ballet.  I put the motion forward to make put the Sunday shopping question on the Oct 24th election ballet I saw it as an opportunity to hear from the public at no additional cost to the city.  In the past City Council has addressed the Sunday shopping question by seeking feedback from the Steinbach Chamber.  The question on the ballet would have been a way to hear from the general public on the issue. 

My door to door campaign has had a varied response to the question of Sunday shopping.  I would estimate that 20% are very opposed and 20% in favor and the rest don’t have a strong opinion either way.   For myself today I would vote no to Sunday shopping for the simple reason that I like Sundays as being different type of day and makes us different from other communities.  Additionally, I don’t have a clear understanding of how much it would change Steinbach, for the positive or negative. 

In my opinion a much larger issue that will face our retail stores in Steinbach and every other community in the near future and likely already is online shopping and that happens any time.  Just surveying my friends and family i know that a lot of online shopping happens already.  With almost free delivery and cheaper pricing with a wider availability of options and products it only stands to reason that it will continue to grow affecting the retail stores.  

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