My Vision

My mission is to promote healthy living within a safe community by building strong partnerships and sustaining manageable growth.

Drive Sustainable, Manageable Growth

Build a Financial Sustainability plan to manage debt load

  • to provide public with plan to understand short and long term debt load, the city continues to take debentures at 5 yrs, none are longer. To build bigger and more costly capital projects we need to move to longer debentures like 10 to 25 years.
  • provide a process of public understanding of municipal debt

 Manage our growth rate through effective policy implementation

  • provide continuous, quality services in all areas water & sewer, parks & recreation, sanitation, streets, and administration                 

Safer Community For All

  • Support RCMP in building proactive force including GIS unit and moving the Highway patrol back to Steinbach
  • Support our fire/rescue department
  • Support the Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP)
  • Public Health

    • Provide opportunities to participate in physical activities to lower regional health costs & promote fitness
    • Offer low cost activities like increased bike/walking pathways, community gardens, cross-country skiing and pleasure skating
    • Review opportunities for recreational activities that are cost effective 


    Build Strong Partnerships With Organizations

    Steinbach Residents

    • listen to their concerns with an open mind

    Steinbach Businesses

    • drive economy and growth in a sustainable manner

    Hanover School Division

    • support initiatives to build schools

    South Eastman Health

    • provide level of care required to meet the needs of our community

    Community groups

    • cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce, Steinbach Fire Department, Steinbach Arts Council and Mennonite Heritage Museum
    • work together with sports associations, seniors groups, community resources and many other in Steinbach and area

    Regional Partnerships with Rural Municipality of Hanover, La Broquierie and Ste Anne

    • collaborate on fire protection, sanitation services, building inspections and waterway agreements