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17 Aug 2018 The Mission and Vision
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The last 3 terms have been an ongoing learning experience that has provided me with an opportunity to add my voice in how Steinbach functions as it continues to experience growth.  This next council will look very different with a new mayor and at least 3 new councilors.

My mission is to promote healthy living within a safe community by building strong partnerships and sustaining manageable growth.  

To meet my mission I provide the following vision;

A strength from the last three terms of council has been the focus on advocacy

  • seniors housing, which is in the design stage with the Rest Haven Group
  • recreation needs like the splash park and more walking/biking pathways
  • regional agreements like the annexation agreement with RM of Hanover
  • provincially thru AMM and federally thru FCM; ongoing granting requests like water treatment plant currently under construction, infrastructure funding, gas-tax revenues

The focus on advocacy needs to continue with the new council so our voice is heard at the regional, provincial and federal levels.

Continue to work at making Steinbach more pedestrian by growing our walking/bike pathway system, provide bike racks downtown and build on the share the road program.  Like the splash park build more no or low cost of use recreation that is family friendly.

Council needs to continue to focus on our infrastructure.  We have a great track record of keeping our infrastructure in very good shape due to planning our replacement of sewer, water and streets.   While it isn’t a great discussion point in different areas it does provide us with opportunity of grow our city.

We need to continue work on replacing ageing recreation facilities and add an indoor soccer complex along with a performing arts facility.  While many plans have come forward a strong commitment from the local RM’s along with Provincial and Federal grant programs are a must.  The capital expenditure is one thing to plan for but a true understanding of long term operating costs needs to be part of the discussions.

Want to promote for the City of Steinbach to implement a program that we can rebate home owners with older homes that want to upgrade their home then the City provide the homeowner a tax rebate on the increased assessment portion for a period of 3 years or home is sold.  It would encourage homeowners to upgrade, help local business and trades people.

Continue to build partnerships with community groups and neighbouring RM’s by providing them opportunity to access council so we can hear their voice in how they serve the community.  Partner with Steinbach Arts Council, the Chamber of Commerce, Steinbach Fire Department, RCMP and Mennonite Heritage Museum, minor sports groups and different areas of the community. 

We all have a vision for our community, and working together, I am confident we can make Steinbach a safe place to raise a family, live, ride a bike, work & worship.

17 Aug 2018 signs are ready
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15 Aug 2018 my vision statement the last 12 years
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My last 12 years on Steinbach council i have had the following statement.
We all have a vision for our community, and working together, I am confident we can make Steinbach a safe place to raise a family, live, ride a bike, work & worship.
It is still something that i review regularly and will continue to strive for.

10 Aug 2018 Brett and the Grandkids Brody, Madison & Payton
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10 Aug 2018 Council run one more time in 2018
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So 2018 has arrived and I have been on council for the past 12 years. The time has flown and we have dealt with many issues as a council. I was reminded recently that I have not kept up with my posts on this account nor the pictures.
I will be updating more now as the election approaches as i am planning to announce shortly to seek fourth term on council as well as posting other election material.
Talk soon.